Fishien Pier at Lake MeredithAerial of the Stillin Basin from the WestIntake Tower back in the dayMorning VisitorsSunset over the lakeLake Meredith frozen over in February of 2011Curious DeerSunset at Lake MeredithFog over the LakeUpstream side of the Dam - Intake TowerSpillway Intake StructureSpillway and Flood Control Stilling BasinInterior of Pumping Plant No. 1Salinity Control FacilitiesEagle at Lake MeredithIntake tower at Lake MeredithExpansion of the 54" pipeline - 2011Baby Geese hatching at Amarillo Regulating ReservoirExpansion of the 54" pipeline - 2011Phase III Wellfield Expansion - 2011GeeseFlowable River ChannelCanadian River personnel work on the River Channel54" Aqueduct crossing at Dixon Creek - 2001Contractor John D. Stephens, Inc. cutting trenchBackfill operations - 54" line - 2011Laying of 54" pipeFlowable fill placed over the 54" line - 2001Installation of Collection System in Roberts CntyCollection System segments laid outGeeseGeese at Amarillo Regulating Reservoir